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Category:Post-production Category:Postproduction Category:Creative Commons-licensed media Category:Motion in cinemaQ: Pass parameter to Oracle procedure I have a query that I am pulling from a SELECT statement select * from EM_INST where ROLE_NAME=:role_name So I am wondering how can I pass the parameter to the procedure that I have. I know I could do EXEC JSCR.EMPLOYEE_ROLE_MASTER_CALL_PROC JSCR.EMPLOYEE_EMPLOYEE_LIST but what if I need to pass more than one value? Thanks in advance A: You can do that by joining. Something like this: select * from EM_INST join JSCR.EMPLOYEE_ROLE_MASTER_CALL_PROC JSCR.EMPLOYEE_EMPLOYEE_LIST on ROLE_NAME = :role_name Johann Georg Friedrich Richter Johann Georg Friedrich Richter (10 January 1760, in Johannstadt – 24 November 1816, in Berlin) was a German painter and illustrator. He was the son of Gottfried Heinrich Richter and nephew of Johann Georg Richter, both painters and illustrators. His younger brother was the artist Gottfried Richter (1764–1847). Biography At an early age, his uncle sent him to study with Ludwig Günther von Heß at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. After that, he spent time studying with Johann Melchior Martin in Dresden. When he returned to Munich, he was given a studio there by the painter and printmaker Johann Georg Schultze. In 1787, he went to Italy to learn the techniques of fresco painting. After spending three years in Rome and another in Paris, he went back to Munich and established a reputation as a portrait painter. His subjects included rich and powerful patrons of the arts, such as Archbishop Theodor Kotschote of Mainz and Duke Leopold of Brunswick. He also illustrated several books and created landscapes, animals and still lifes. Among his paintings is the one of Duke Leopold of Brunswick shown here. He died in Berlin, where he had established a studio, at the age of 58. ac619d1d87

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